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Dan Curran

A fourth generation Californian, Dan earned his degree in “Architecture and Environmental Design” from the California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and Firenze, Italy.  Since 1978 he has been involved in hundreds of architectural projects of every size and scope, placing a major emphasis on custom residential projects and architectural interiors.



Dan brings a calm, informed warmth to the design process.  He prefers a team approach to problem solving while remaining at the very center of each design. “My work tends to be pretty diverse from one project to the next. The needs and aspirations of each client are very different, yet there is an underlying approach to the process that remains constant”. 


Together with his wife and collaborator,                     , he has branched out into the world of architectural interiors.  “We love the challenge that each new project brings and the opportunity to really get it right”.



Climate change has created massive opportunities for design professionals to find creative solutions to complex environmental problems. 

 " We feel a shared responsibility to seek out ways to reduce our collective carbon footprint.  Buying and fabricating locally, recycling, specifying indigenous, sustainable materials are just a few ways we can all  participate. Achieving "Net Zero" energy use as mandated by the State of California requires sound decision making with clearly established vision."   



Skilled in gaining municipal approvals, Dan brings insightful and needed experience to the process.  Design, planning and building professions are among the most regulated industries in the United States.  California building and energy codes have or will change radically.  "Successfully documenting and shepherding a project through the approval and construction process requires keeping up on constantly changing rules and regulations".

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